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General Fix-Me Ups

Many times while we are on a project, customers often ask if we could take a look at this or that to fix or resolve the issue. We understand, that is why we provide such services for our customers.  In other cases customers put together a “punch list” for us that we can schedule and take care of for them. We have seen how customers have been burned by improper repairs in the past along with inferior outcomes.


Residential Remodeling

We work as a full service contractor, which means we are fully capable of taking care of the complete project from start to finish; specializing in additions, alterations, buildings, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, tile, and flooring.  We take care of every transitional phase that is involved with the project.

Transitional Examples: The Window Company only represents “his windows” does not specialize in exterior trim & siding nor matching interior jamb & casing.  The Roofer does not care or specialize in Soffit & Siding issues and transitions.  The Sider does not specialize or care about the foundational issues.  The Flooring company does not deal with trim or sub-floor issues.

The Plumber does not concern himself with structural issues when he drills big holes in your floor joist weakening your structure.

Every year we work on private homes throughout the community.  We understand that your home is your castle and we strive to keep it that way.  Our site supervision watches over your project from start to finish and we are conscientious of job site order, protection, cleanliness and general clean-up.

We respect your time and will communicate the progress of the job to you. We strive to complete work in a professional manner.  We do not start a project until all the ducks are in order, so once we are on site we stay there until the project is completed in an efficient and timely fashion.  We live by our reputation and referrals.


Commercial Building

Goplin Construction Corp. has been involved in a number of commercial projects over the years: Complete Alterations, Additions, Remodeling, Bathrooms, Entry’s, Repairs, Fire Protection etc.  We know what it is to create a work safe environment, keeping things functional and operational, working with city government and inspections.  Goplin Construction has the resources, personnel and network to facilitate many commercial needs.


Insurance Restoration

It can sometimes be a demanding time consuming specialized area working through the insurance aspects.  Working with adjustors, policy holder representation, insurance companies, deductibles, payouts.  Along with helping the customer understand procedures, timing, scheduling etc.

Many companies do not normally deal with the complexities of working with insurance companies and insurance claims so many times the ball gets dropped on some of the transitional areas.  We represent the customer not the insurance company and we are accustomed to working with the adjuster and, if necessary, independent arbitrators. Most inspections are FREE, if it is found that repairs are required, your only cost is your deductible (unless customer chooses alterations). We also perform emergency repairs while waiting for final authorization from your insurance company, because it’s vital to us that your home is safe from the elements at all times.

Questions & Answers

Q: I have an idea of what I want to do but am not sure on how to go about it?
A: Contact Goplin Remodel & Construction, we specialize in project reviews communication direction and support.

Q: How do I know what my project options are and what it could look like?
A: Goplin Construction Corp. offers Onsite Reviews, Drawings, Personal Design help and product reviews.

Q: How can I be assured of the work quality and outcome?
A: Much of our business is referral based, which means many of our satisfied customers tell their friends, family and acquaintances about us. We have a file of customer Referral/Testimonials that we are more than happy to share with new customers.

Q: Do I need to make arrangements for all the phases of my project?
A: No, Goplin works as a full service contractor, which means we can take care of the complete project for you from start to finish. We are networked with various suppliers and sales specialist which will dedicate personal time to review ideas, concepts, options and products.

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