With our ability to meet and exceed our customers expectations, Goplin Construction Corp. has become a well trusted company in South-Central Wisconsin.

I am happy to state that David Goplin from Goplin Construction, has performed several jobs in my home such as building a new room, installing a new roof, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, power washing and re-staining the deck and other minor jobs. All the works were done to my satisfaction and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Goplin Construction for the quality of its workmanship.

Jerry Pipino (Fitchburg, WI)

Over the past several years we hired Dave to remodel two bathrooms, repair a shed, re-shingle our roof, covert the garage. We originally contacted Dave on a referral from a friend. We hired him for subsequent jobs because we grew to trust his work and his judgement. We have been highly satisfied with all of Dave’s work. I recommend him without reservation.

Rob Ruth (Oregon, WI)

We have hired Goplin Construction for several jobs in the past decade, and we’ve always been satisfied with David’s work. In each project, David has provided important information upfront, explained his plan for the workflow, explained factors that might complicate the project, and informed us immediately if one of his working assumptions changed. David does good work. He is always fair and honest.

Dan Seiter (Madison, WI)

Dear Mr. Goplin, The Governor and I thank you for your valuable time and expertise spent on the newly renovated Executive Residence Security office. The renovation would not have been complete without the changes that you built, produced and hammered out! Thanks in part to you, important changes were made to keep Security staff as a well as the Governor myself, guests, and all our other staff warm and safe. Thank you for meeting a very significant need, and thank you for your many contributions to Wisconsin.

Jessica Doyle (Madison, WI)

David is a problem solver, for large and small situations, which is one of the reasons he enjoys working on old homes. When demolition of our kitchen revealed that a former owner had dangerously cut into support beams, David (with both patience and a sense of humor), took careful repair as a challenge. Because David knows that period restoration is a priority for us, when four months ago he replaced a two-story stairway ceiling, he took the time to talk with us about how exactly the woodwork for the wall corner joists would look. He suggested a design in the paneling leading up to the stairs as a model he could copy for the joist. It’s a small thing that many other contractors would not have taken time for. But David takes pride in his work down to the last detail, and he wants to do the job that you want done. We know that the quality of David’s work has increased the value of our home, and we recommend him to you without reservations.

Susan O’Leary & Jim Roseberry (Madison, WI)

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